The Band
  It seemed like a harmless enough idea. A little jam session between friends and coworkers. Who knew that the result would be the devastating hardcore metal unit that is El Gotten? But that's just how it happened. Scott Treude, drummer extraordinaire for many NYC bands including Gutter Girl, Walker, Crab and veteran of early 90s thrash titans Iron Christ, rescued embittered and despondent metal guitarist Mike Ryan, former guitarist and vocalist for Boulder, CO trio ThreePercent, by suggesting a jam session at his home studio. Mike approached the jam like any other, with trepidation. As the jam began one thing became abundantly clear to both of them, something special was happening. With the help of Scott's amazing home studio, "Coronation of a Doomed Celebrity" was written and recorded in a little under 3 hours that night. El Gotten was born. Weekly jams continued, each resulting in a new song. They were definitely on to something both heavy and dynamic. When 8 equally powerful songs were written and arranged, the two knew they had to recruit a bassist and begin transferring this creation to live surroundings.

They not only needed a bassist but another like-minded musician and another complementary personality. They sought out another co-worker Michael Blancaflor, a well-rounded musician and classically trained percussionist involved with many projects, including playing drums for NYC's Special Patrol Group, vibes & percussion for the Zappa-esque Erl Shibe 5 and instructor/arranger of marching band percussion. El Gotten was complete. The three jammed all summer until they were satisfied, but instead of taking their sound to the masses, they decided to head back to Treude Studios and record an LP.

The self-produced debut, "Forever March" was recorded and mixed in late 2003 early 2004. Engineered and mixed by Scott, "Forever March" represents a perfect balance of late 80s thrash, early 90s hardcore and today's contemporary metal sound. Mastered at Sony Music Studios by Vic Anesini, "Forever March" is sure to open the minds and ears of today's metalcore audience. Chugging and changing rhythms, Michael B.'s demonic low-end, Mike Ryan's unique lyrical world perspective delivered with authority and anger, and Scott's ferocious, yet groove laden pounding combine to make "Forever March" one of the year's most auspicious debuts. Welcome El Gotten into your heart and mind, you will not be sorry.

Forever Evolving
Forever Hardcore
Forever March

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